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The Dark Knight must contend with a mysterious female vigilante who emulates him, but to a more ruthless degree.

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original title: Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

genge: Animation,Action,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller


imdb: 7.2

duration: 1h 15min



keywords: intenttomurder, maskedmurderer, serialmurder, womanpunchesaman, womaninjeopardy, shareduniverse, vigilante, batwoman, rescue, dcanimateduniverse, cultcomicbook, maskedwoman, maskedman, capedsuperhero,



































A ruthless destructive vigilante posing as Batwoman is wreaking havoc in Gotham City. While she sets her sights on thwarting Penguin's evil plans, Batman concentrates on discovering this mysterious imposter's true identity. But when she's captured by the vicious Bane, it falls upon the caped crusader to rescue her, defeat Bane and foil the Penguin's devious plot himself. The Dark Knight must contend with a mysterious female vigilante who emulates him, but to a more ruthless degree. I just bought the DVD and I'm very impressed by the quality of the story. It definitely keeps you guessing and the mystery itself is a reason to watch. The animation itself is that of the "The New Batman Adventures", although somewhat brighter than the actual show. Still, it is very good and there's not really much to complain about in the character designs. Some fans as I'm well aware of criticize the "The New Batman Adventures" but consider this movie for example. Bane looks great, and though the voice actor is H辿ctor Elizondo instead of the usual Henry Silva, the character retains the same intelligence and prideful personality as in the comics. Penguin's design changes drastically from the original "Batman: The Animated Series" design, now free of the Danny DeVito look and being pretty awesome in the movie. John Vernon reprises the role of Rupert Throne, though he does little in the movie to my distaste. Then of course there's Batwoman, and I can't reveal too much but she is a bad-ass character. There's less focus on Batman in this one you could say, but it's in order to allow the audience to explore new characters and this is done very well.

Lolita Ritmanis, a regular composer from the show, does the music for this film and while I find it okay it's a tad much of a departure from the usual darker music. Still, all in all, "Mystery of the Batwoman" has complex characters, great animation and an intriguing storyline that delivers action and mystery. I definitely recommend it. SPOILERS.

What do you get when you remove the subtly, the artistry, and development and pacing of "Batman: The Animated Series"? You get this.

The art is more flash than substance here; even though the animation of the 1992 series wasn't always up to standards, it still felt better suited. The opening looks cheap and like it was a rushed tact-on addition.

The writing is amateurish and makes clich辿s of all the characters we came to love. It's pretty bad when the best line 20 minutes in is a throw-away line by Alfred reading Dennis the Menace in the newspaper. It takes more than another 20 minutes before a good scene comes again.

Speaking of menace, the menace of Thorne is gone. The Penguin is reduced to a mass arms dealer and not the artsy Shakespearian fiend previously known, and another actor takes over voicing. Batgirl is turned into a clich辿d young woman love interest. Even black people are a little clich辿d here. And what's wrong with Kevin Conroy's voice?

Composer Lolita Ritmanis, whom contributed great efforts to B:TAS and S:TAS, seems to not have been inspired by this either, as the music doesn't hold a candle to the previous series and is sorely cheapened by being made with synths instead of an orchestra. Also, it lacks the class of earlier Timm efforts.

Everything is rushed and it doesn't breath, it doesn't flow properly, and there's no investment; it just goes by the motions. I cringed several times.

And if that weren't enough, the special ends with a terrible song.

Just a terrible effort. Gotham City is a fictional U.S. port city located on the north-eastern Atlantic coast. It was originally a stand-in for New York City, but has also been likened to other crime-ridden urban centers such as Chicago and Detroit. Some sources have placed Gotham City in the state of New Jersey; however, this cannot be considered definitive. In the context of Batman: The Animated Series, the second (1993-1994) season episode "Avatar" shows a map that places Gotham City in the location of the real-world New York City. In addition, the direct-to-video animated movie SubZero (1998) gives Barbara Gordon's street address as Gotham City, NY; and gives a ZIP code (10025) and telephone area code (212) that are assigned to New York City.

The current DC Universe version of Gotham City is actually a small island connected to the mainland by a series of bridges and tunnels. The east and south sides of Gotham face the Atlantic Ocean. The city is further divided by the Sprang River (named for Dick Sprang) on the northern end and the Finger River (for Bill Finger) to the south. Tiny Blackgate Isle to the south-east is home to Blackgate Maximum Security Penitentiary. Blackgate is replaced by Stonegate Peniteniary in the animated series "Batman" (1992) and its spin-offs.


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